DM Recommends for November

DM Recommends - November 2020Hola mes amis! I hope the second lockdown is treating you well. Here are a few things I have been enjoying in Le confinement:-Grand Army on NetflixSet in a Brooklyn high school, GA follows the lives of five students in the few weeks following a nearby bombing. Occasionally it is a tough watch, but it is helped along by a fantastic young cast who turn in really nuanced performances (Odley Jean as the impoverished, embattled Dom is a particular stand out). If you think Degrassi High remade...

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He stole my mummy's love, but I still like his lampshades

View this email in your browser Mes Amis! How is Lockdown 2: The Lockening treating you?Luckily we managed to get a little mini break in before Manu announced the second lockdown. We went to Pau and then met up with some friends for pre Halloween hijinks. I made a little film about it all: Pau 2020 He Stole My Mummy's Love But I Still Like His Lampshades... Siblings can be a great source of joy, support, and annoyance. Sometimes all at the same time. My younger brother, Ewan annoys me...

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DM Recommends for October

View this email in your browser Eileen by Ottessa MoshfeghAs a rule I tend to avoid awardy books. You know the type of thing I mean, as they all tend to be roughly the same kind of thing - - They are all entitled ’The xxxxxxx’s Daughter’ (insert slightly antiquated profession here). - They are ‘literary fiction’ - Christ, it might as well say ’now with added fibre’ on the front cover, such is the worthiness. If it’s written by a man he will either be a) a priapic middle aged misogynist...

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DM Newsy newsletter - 2020: What a kick in the dick!

View this email in your browser Mes Vieux Chinas! Something of a back to school moment here at DM. 2020 has been disjointed and weird (as it has been for most of the planet), and I deliberately haven’t done a newsletter, well because A) who needs to see my soda/banana bread (there wasn’t any) B) The last thing anyone needed was ANOTHER middle aged white man pontificating on about something nobody has a clue about.2020 has been quite the year, hasn’t it?In January I was told I had thyroid cancer....

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