This week - 22/6/16

Hola my chumbilinos, 

How are you? I'm trying something a bit different here, moving slowly away from our monthly newsletter approach of old to something a bit more frequent and a bit more knockabout.

Anyway, what's been going on? Well, work on the new studio is going ahead like gangbusters. The new sofa was delivered and ta-da! 


Videy Gee Watch

Because of the relentlessly shite weather we been having (shakes impotent fist to the heavens), much of the vide grenier (car boot sales, to you chum) have been cancelled. However, we did manage to get out to a pleasant little one on Sunday, at the village of St Paul, home of the much detested annual Donkey festival (please note, I have nothing against donkeys, just being dragged along to rural festivals that are exactly the same, year after bloody year). I got a couple of new gee-gaws and took some pics:


Speak, Memory by Vladimir Nabokov 

I feel like I am bit late to the Nabokov party. I only recently read Lolita last year (which I enjoyed), but I have been absolutely blown away by Speak, Memory. His extraordinary story encompasses his childhood as a Russian aristocrat, his years as an exile after the revolution, and his three major passions: writing, chess puzzles, and butterflies. It moves along at a clip, but what astounded me was his versatility: the moving between incredibly arch satire to a beautiful lyricism.


50% off Cube de Mer print 

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Merrick x 






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