January - Brive Winter Market

"Admittedly, January isn't everyone's optimal time for a bit of outdoor shopping, but Brive's Saturday market is the business. Everything looks great bathed in a bit of low winter sunlight, and there are lots of produce that is in season right about now - Oysters, gourds and squashes, nuts, winter brassicas. The important thing is to pick the right wingmen - You don't want any non hardy types who don't know how to wrap up warm. The right type of person is Nico. I know Nico because he is married to Double Alice's best friend, he is the ideal person for this kind of jaunt. He's French, looks a little bit like Rumplestiltskin, but most importantly he LOVES local produce like most of us love oxygen. His eyes go Looney-Toons-loop-the-loop when he sees Brive market, he'll disappear for fifteen minutes, only to reappear at your elbow saying "Meyreek, I hav bought uzz zee Rolls Royce of Oysterzz".


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January 05, 2014 by merrick angle
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