April Newsy Newsletter - Bicycles & Pancakes

April Newsy Newsletter - Utrecht, Bruges, & Paris.

Hola chums,

This Easter saw the Angle family take to the road. We took in Utrecht, where we stayed with our friends Rosie & Duncan and their family. We met up with our friend Louise. We all passed a few days in beautiful Bruges. Finally, we stopped off in Paris on the way home, meeting up with Double Alice's sister, Josie and our friends, Amber and Nico.


Here are some things I have learnt:-

My daughters REALLY like Dolly Parton. Listening to the same song (Applejack, since you ask) fourteen/fifteen times in a row is not a problem.

The Dutch are very polite drivers.

The Belgians, surprisingly, are not.

Wherever you are, whatever time of day it is, you are only ever two minutes away from one of your party needing the toilet.

Dick Bruna is an absolute genius.

Turning 36 + Old friends + Their kids + Posh restaurant x not giving a shit = One of the best birthdays ever!


A portrait of our young host.

Hector REEEEEEALLY likes his rabbit ears.

Taking control of Miffy's house.

Very tired at The Dom Tower, Utrecht.

Duncan proves to be adept at balancing up to four children on his bike.

Knitted Easter garland, Bruges.

'Jan Van Eyck was a famous artist' and quite the grump by the looks of things.

This photo is going to be the cover of my debut solo album 'Bridges of Bruges'.

The following pictures are from on of the most disturbing shop windows I have ever encountered. Monmartre, Paris.

Lots of love,



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April 28, 2014 by merrick angle
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