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Mixtape for Avril


Hola Chums,

Thanks for all the nice things you said about last month's mixtape. Everyone was pretty positive, I was even accosted in a surprise attack by my favourite cafe owner, seamstress, and all round superwoman, Anne. She said "I liked it very much, but not that weird Egyptian track. No more like that, y'hear?". So, in her honour this time it is 100% less Egyptian.

But we do have: Mexican choral Jazz, Early Cuban electronic music, Nigerian organ weirdness, and a techno track about clowns. Download it here or from below...

Please note: If you an artiste or record company who would not like your music on this compilation, just let us know and we'll take it off. There, simple as that. No need to cry like a big girl's blouse.

Lots of love,


April 28, 2014 by merrick angle
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