New notebooks and other goodness!


We are back after a grueling August, just in time to show off some new products, starting with these notebooks:

"Perfect for musings, recording thoughts, epic love poetry, or even something mundane like a shopping list. These sturdy 'Cahier' style notebooks slip easily into a pocket or purse. Made by Moleskine (so you know they'll stand up to a bit of wear and tear) and then handprinted with our lightbulb design at Double Merrick HQ. The notebooks measure 14cm x 9 cm (approx. 3.5" x 5.5"), contain 64 lined pages, and a little flap for scraps of paper, receipts, etc. Convenient, durable, and nice to look at - they'll make ideal presents, but you'll probably end up keeping them all yourself!"

All this for 9 euros + P & P!

Right, I'm off to do something unmentionable with routers and clocks - I'll keep you up to date....

Lots of love,



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