Minimal Wooden Clocks

"Back so soon?" you say. Well, I did tell you I was doing something unmentionable with a router, and here are the fruits...

They have been a few months in the making now, but all that 'getting it just right' has paid off:

"Inspired by the fine woodland that surrounds up here at Double Merrick HQ, we wanted to take what we loved about wood and display it to the fullest. So, a clock wasn't the most obvious choice - but nevertheless we are very proud with the results. Crafted by hand from reclaimed Limousin 'Douglas' timber (noted for it's slight red, orangey hue), each clock is chopped to size, sanded, and then screenprinted with the simple, minimal 'Arrow 12' design. Then the clock is dried, waxed, and then fitted with it's quartz mechanism. Each clock is approx. 44 cm in diameter (17.3 inches) and requires a single AA battery"

All for 60 euros plus P & P!!

You can see more pics here, and maybe even buy one, if you should feel so inclined. 

There's more goodness coming over the next few weeks. Oh yes, we have been busy....

Don't forget, The Smiths print competition is on for another four weeks, so if you know anybody who would love our bedsit inspired one off, get them to enter.

Lots of love,


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