Embrace the teatowel...

"Me babbies, Me bairns" as the man at the pantomime says, our products are like buses - nothing for a few weeks and then four all at once! We'd been building up a stockpile of teatowel designs, and we were planning to release them bit by bit, but we are just too damn proud/excited. So here they are: - 

'Dry or Die' - It's scratchy, wonky, and a little bit retro - all in a good way, as I am sure you'll agree. "Inspired by vintage matchbook art, this loud, proud teatowel sends a powerful message out to guests and loved ones. Handmade from heavy cotton, and fixed with a 'Double Merrick' themed loop for hanging. This will probably be the best made teatowel you will ever own" Approx. 69 x 45cm (27 x 17 inches)

10 euros!

'Teacup - Blue' - Inspired by an illustration from children's dictionary. It says everything you could want to say about tea time. Again it's handmade ('Why handmade?' you ask, when we were looking for teatowels to print on we couldn't find anything we wanted to put our name to. So, out came the sewing machine, and we made our own), and again it's approx. 69 x 45cm (27 x 17 inches).

10 euros!


'Teacup - Grey' - Just the same as above, but in grey.

10 euros!

'Spotty Dotty' - The 'Dotty Dolly' stencil has been capturing our imaginations for some time at DM HQ (nearly ten years!), but we've never hit upon the right product to showcase it. That is until a chance encounter with some spotty fabric. Spotty + Dotty = a teatowel with tons of retro sass. One part Warhol, One part Cath Kitson, to three parts Joan Holloway. Handmade from oh so spotty cotton, and fixed with a 'Double Merrick' themed loop for hanging, this teatowel measures approx. 69 x 45cm (27 x 17 inches).

8.50 euros (slightly cheaper than the others because it's a little bit lighter fabric).

Lots of love,


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