Antique French linen cushion covers...

Hola Amigos! For all the time I spend in stuffy attics, I could be a character in a Virginia Andrews novel, but every now and again my ferreting about pays dividends. Like the time I found five huge laundry sacks. The textures were amazing, layer upon layer of darns, patches and all manner of mends resulted in something that should be hanging on a wall in a gallery. I couldn't work out what to do with them. I washed them and then forgot about them, until I was having a cup of tea with me old mum who suggested I make cushion covers out of old French linen. Lightbulbs lit up and I ran and got the sacks, and here we are.

"Made from old linen laundry sacks discovered in a nearby dusty attic. These cushion covers showcase years of darning and patching, amazing markings and textures that can never be replicated. Each cushion cover is unique and as such is named (with a suitably French, old fashioned name). We cut it, hem it, and finish it off with antique buttons (Please note: The covers are sold without the cushion inside)". There are more images of each cushion cover on my site - just follow the links!

'Hortense' measures approximately 45 x 51 cm (17.5 x 20 inches) and has a large patch on the left corner and numerous darnings.

30 Euros


'Agathe' is 40cm x 46cm (15.7 x 18.1 inches) and covered in patches. A lot of patches.

30 Euros


'Genevieve' approximately measures 47 x 65 cm (18.5 x 25 inches) and is noted for the large, cryptic, faded '55' on the left corner.

40 Euros.

Lots of love,


October 29, 2010 by merrick angle
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