Norma says I have to update my blog...

Success comes in many guises, for some it is the first Ferrari bought for cash, for others it's finding themselves in glamourous and unlikely situations; say ending up in a roof top hot tub with Olympia Dukakis and Gary Busey. For me, as regular readers will know, I am a simple soul and an old world gentleman. Success for me is summed up in my mother saying the magic words "Norma says you need to update your blog". It doesn't seem much, but it means an awful lot. People are listening, people are interested, and people are buying stuff, and most of all - people are hassling my mum.

The past six months have completely outstripped all expectations. A massive thank you to anyone who has tweeted, blogged, or bought stuff from Double Merrick this year. You, quite literally, are the wind beneath my wings.

So, no flashy new products, just a sincere and heartfelt thanks. There is loads of new stuff to come next year...

Anyhoo, Happy Christmas one and all, and Happy Christmas Norma!

Lots of love,


December 13, 2010 by merrick angle
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