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(Cockney Dick Van Dyke Voice) 'Ello me old cock sparras,

Do you remember a time when travel seemed glamourous? No, me neither. What with Ryanair sucking out any glamour left in air travel, and my parents insisting we went on our holidays by Swansea Cork ferries (Imagine a floating dole office - a Greek boat with a Polish crew, sailing from Wales to Ireland. Yet it somehow took twelve hours, what did they do? Go round circles?). Yet I was raised on a steady diet of Tintin books and Cary Grant films, I expected pilots to be fearless and dashing, stewardesses leggy and attentive, cocktails and shuffleboard to be mandatory. So I have channeled my disappointment and made two posters that depict travel how I want them to be, goddammit!!!

A4 in size (8.3 x11.7 inches) 25 euros each or 42 euros for the pair.

"Recall a time when travel meant more than low budget airlines and roll-on-roll-off ferries with this lovely pair of prints.

As ever, the prints are made to the highest quality possible - professionally printed with archival quality inks on 220 gsm watercolour paper, and shipped in the sturdiest of cardboard tubes. 

Please note: Depending on stock levels, prints can take between 5 -10 working days to dispatch"


You remember Norma don't you? Lovely Scottish lady, watches this blog like a Doberman watches a man wearing a ham vest. Yep, well no news.... and you know what, I'm scared.....

Lots of love,


March 30, 2011 by merrick angle
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