Here comes the sun...


Wow, all this sunshine , eh! When I am not roped into the white man's slavery known as lawn mowing, it makes me think of holidays. Specifically, the insanely long car journeys people don't seem to do anymore (not now they can be shoved in a metal tube with a scratchcard and abused by bad tempered Latvian teenagers for a couple of hours). My brothers endlessly fighting, my mum asleep like a stroke victim in the front, and my dad angrily wrestling with the steering wheel, for all the world like a bear crammed into a bumper car. At some point on the other side of the channel you would stop off a service station, someone would buy a big bag of sweets. But they did not look like anything you had eaten before. Weird holiday sweets! So this is my tribute: Hot cars, siblings needing the toilet, grumpy dads on holiday, mums huffing into the road map. I salute you! 

Available in A4 for 25 euros each or 42 euros for the pair (plus P&P obviously)

"Celebrate the summer with these fruity little prints culled from sweetie wrappers. Available in two flavours - Lemon and Blackcurrant!"

As ever, the prints are made to the highest quality possible - professionally printed with archival quality inks on 220 gsm watercolour paper, and shipped in the sturdiest of cardboard tubes. 

Please note: Depending on stock levels, prints can take between 5 -10 working days to dispatch"


Still no news. Her radio silence puts me in mind of those old B&W films in the jungle, where someone would confidently say "When the jungle drums stop, that's when the natives attack".

Lots of love,


May 09, 2011 by merrick angle
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