Parents on Holiday




Parents on holiday

1) Do you have a morbid fear of turning into one or both of your parents?
2) Do you holiday (vacation) with small children?
Do you find Question 2 actually aids Question 1? Well fret no longer, simply turn your neuroses into a fun game for all the family with Double Merrick's 'Parents on Holiday Bingo'.
Simply tick off the action or quote as and when you say/do it. The first parent with a full card gets to check into a rest home of their choice!

La Lune - Gone real soon...

La Lune has been a rip roaring success for Double Merrick. But we are down to the last five in the A3 size, so if you want another (maybe as a gift?) or simply put off buying one until your share prices have matured - wait no longer! 
Imaginary friends
I was having a chat with a friend in Paris, Chloe (exactly what you would want her to be as a West London girl turned Parisian native:- no nonsense, chic, like Kristen Scott Thomas if KST didn't look like such a mardy piece). Anyway, she had the temerity to ask if Norma was made up!!! This lead on to a fascinating conversation on imaginary friends and relations. I told her about my brothers and I having a fictional sister called Ruth. Ruth is a Maths teacher and married to a PE (gym) teacher called Matt. They are both crashingly dull and live in Wales, as a consequence we rarely see them and yet no one really minds. Chloe revealed her aunt has a fictional husband called Uwe Lafarge. He's French, a resistance hero, and her aunt suspects he is having an affair...
Do you have a made up friend or relative you'd like to tell us about?  
Norma has been in touch, quite a newsy email this time. She is much better, having some building work done, busy doing the garden. She is however a bit peeved with the tickets she was alloted for the Olympics...

Lots of love,


July 21, 2011 by merrick angle
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