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La Lune was a big deal for us. It garnered us a lot of attention on the interweb, and a lot of you lovely people bought it. It still is a personal favourite for me. We didn't feel like saying good bye just yet, so we came up with a special edition in green. It's more robust than it's big brother, having just three colours, and yet it still packs the punch of the original. It reminds my of my youngest brother, Jack. Slightly coarser than it siblings, yet possesses a unique and rare charm. Sadly, this print will not hook you up with pirate movies, let you bum a million cigarettes, or turn out to be suprisingly adept at flooring your barn. Metaphors can only take us so far, y'know.

50 euros plus P&P
Tee Pee action

I had to travel back to the UK last week. It wasn't for the cheeriest of reasons (a funeral), but as Double Alice likes to say, I know how to put the 'fun' into 'funeral'. I caught up with a lot of old friends, one of whom was Luke. It was his birthday, so we went to lunch at his mum's, picking up his nana, Eileen along the way. Because that is how we roll. Luke (unsuprisingly for a total hippy) lives in a teepee. On an organic farm, no less. So that is where we passed his birthday soiree with some of his charming friends. Waking up in it, I was struck by the utilitarian beauty of the teepee and how the thing must look better with age.

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August 19, 2011 by merrick angle
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