Who's the giant now?


Amazing (and weird) things that have happened to me since I started Double Merrick:

#1 Who's The Giant Now?

Me, Clem & RVG.

Some great things have happened to me since I started Double Merrick, some financial, most not. But the best by far has to be the Van Giants...

To say that I used to be afraid of Rob Brabin, well that would be an understatement. This kid was the size of a normal five year old when he was two. There was not a drop of harm in him, he was just enormous. Our mothers were friends and I used to nearly topple my mum's bike over everytime we went there, rocking and screaming 'I DON'T WANT TO GO TO ROBIN BRABIN'S HOUSE'. We eventually became friends, only to have him and his family move to the Netherlands for a year or two.

We did see them from time to time (once they came back from Holland) though they didn't come back to our village. Instead, we would have hilarious Sunday lunches at his mum and dad's house - It was the sort of place that oozed adventure; Biggles the killer Spaniel, Aunt Cath who used to flick peas across the dinner table, burning barns. Imagine Carson McCullers rewritten by H.E. Bates and you are somewhere close.

Skip forward fifteen years, I am now living in France. I have lost all touch with Robin Brabin and his family of aimable eccentrics. Pocket suffragette and firebrand, Flora Angle demands stories, specifically stories from our childhoods. This is all very well and easy for Double Alice, who grew up on a mountainside in Ireland with no TV, went to school in laderhosen, and knew a cast of the bizarrest Angle-Irish folk you could hope to meet. My own childhood was a little less colourful. Until I hit upon Robin. Somewhere in her four year old brain Robin Brabin becomes mixed up with Arsenal player Robin Van Percy. She starts to refer to him as 'Robin Van Giant'.

A few months on and I get an email from the noted interiors journalist, Ellie Tennant. She loves my products, likes my site, but wonders if I know her boyfriend, Rob Brabin. DO I KNOW HIM!!!! It's ROBIN VAN GIANT!!!! Emails ensue and the pair of them finally came over to see us at Easter. Seeing the unmistakable form of Rob bound out from the arrivals gate at Limoges, he took one look at me and said "Who's the giant now, eh?".

We had a great weekend with the Van Giants, you can read all about our trip to Brive market on Ellie's blog. We ate an enormous amount of rich food and did a lot of brocantes, I had face ache from laughing so much, they were by far and away the best visitors ever, and I hope this will become the first of many weekends with The VGs.

RVG, Flora, and Clem

Lots of love,


May 07, 2012 by merrick angle
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