Kitchen/Bathroom signs!


Howdy Partners! I hope this little missive has found you well. Things here are busy, busy, busy. I am only just recovering from a weekend alone with the girls (Double Alice was on a much deserved weekend away with her sister) and I see in the old diary that I have to put these 'ere signs out. 

They are a bit of a new departure for us. But I have had the design for a while now - The problem has been finding something durable enough to withstand the usual kitchen/bathroom shenanigans. But eventually we got there - I was going for a Hergé look with the illustration, topped off with a classic English font ('Gill sans'). Anyway, please let us know what you think.... 

"Taking a cue from an obscure card game my mother found in junk shop. These signs are hardwearing, easy to clean and resistant to humidity, making them ideal for any kitchen or bathroom.Professionally printed onto vinyl, they are 50 x 100cm in size with a robust eyelet in each corner. They can be hung on tacks/nails or secured by cord. Please note: Depending on stock levels, signs can take between 5 -10 working days to dispatch"


 €55.00 EUR


Lots of love,


June 22, 2012 by merrick angle
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