Louis, Jonnie, and some posh kitchens...

 Greetings, chums.

I hope this digital letter finds you well, and you like us at DMHQ are finally seeing a bit of sunshine. I'm in a particularly summery mood as I took Double Alice away this weekend for her birthday (Major, major bonus points for me). Also, I am reading Laurence Bergreen's 'Louis Armstrong: An Extravagant Life', a book that fizzes with more effervesence than a lemonade handgrenade thrown in a Berocca factory. The perfect description of a man, his spirit, his exuberence, and his music.

Bowl of Chalk

If you are in London this summer, you would be mad to miss 'Bowl of Chalk' (Cockney rhyming slang for 'walk'). Jonnie (that's him in the hat there) is an old, old friend from art college. He does these incredible walking tours around Central and East London. People have said "Jonnie is endearingly scatty in his approach, like a fully loaded iPod of history set on shuffle" & "We joined one of Jonnie's walks a few months ago...and I'm still talking about it". Read about what people have said about his walks here and the lovely reviews on Trip Advisor. He's an incredible character, a scholar, and a gent....

A Double Merrick spot...

Just got this lovely picture from Kate at Paul Haslam Kitchens. Two A3's framed and ready to go. "We love them! A great addition to the showroom!".


Lots of love,

July 05, 2012 by merrick angle
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