Blue Moon

Hola Chums,

You know how you think you know something, something so ingrained it your conciousness, so familiar. Then 'Bam!' you see it in a different light and all your preconceptions melt away. This happened to me - I was driving along at night listening to Elvis Presley, the imaginatively titled 'Elvis Presley' album (Col. Tom must have sweat blood coming up with that one). 'Blue Moon' came on and I was struck by how understated, minimal, and haunting Elvis' version is. You were listening to a good looking kid (albiet with dyed hair - He was naturally a red head) singing in a room, not a whole lot of instrumentation, but a heck of a lot of slapback echo. It was magic. 

So I decided to turn La Lune blue in honour of the king. Not the cheesy rhinestone, playing Scrabble with a gun in his hand, dead on the cludgie Elvis. But the simple yearning kid, before the Army and amphetamines got him. I have included a link to the song below..... 


Lots of love,


August 31, 2012 by merrick angle
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