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How's things?

Since my last missive I have been on a lightning quick tour of London. Just a couple of nights, ostensibly to have a bit of a get together with some of my oldest friends. 

Friday saw me meeting up with my reformed petty criminal brother, Jack. Jack, you may remember has undergone a transformation in recent years from a sort of Dickensian/Gangs of New York figure to reinventing himself as a bearded gentleman of design. He now has a career and love of a good woman.

Due to a broken nights sleep the night before, I decided to to plonk myself down in nearest spot to where we were meeting. A pleasant if too clean looking pub. Little did I know that over the next two hours this place would ratchet up the gayness to the point where Armistead Maupin would have needed a lie down in a darkened room. Jack merely walked in, looked at the barmen in their vests, the drag queen roaming the floor and raised his eyebrows. Merrick does it again!

One is a tired looking bear, the other is an artic mammal.

A nearly 9ft tall drag queen who took a liking to my friend Jamie...

The fun did not stop there, As we were to meet Richard and Daisy at a place called The Kings Head - Apparently there was a whiff of secrecy and the promise of taxidermy. My interest was piqued!

Tiger and peacock bathroom tableaux. Sadly the rather urbane gentleman was not in our party.

On Saturday night it was off to meet Jamie, Andy, and James. Old, old friends from Warwickshire. We hadn't all been in the same room for nearly four years. 

Here we look like a photo from a brochure for a men's counselling service.


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May 03, 2017 by merrick angle
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