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Hola chums!

How is September treating you?

After surviving some of the hottest weather in living memory and a couple of weeks I like to call Visitorgeddon, we are left standing, much like extras from Mad Max: Fury Road - skin like handbags, sinewy, possibly dehydrated and with crazed looks in our eyes.

So what’s been shaking since my last missive?

Tedious! - I went to hospital

So thanks to a kidney infection I got to spend a long bank holiday weekend in hospital. It again proved my theory that all the nicest people in France go to work in either garages or hospitals - The staff were lovely. However, the food was godawful, and a surreal, restless last day resulted in me watching Katy Perry's 'Part of Me' on my phone (an odd choice for a middle aged man fitted with a catheter, Alice quipped) and then breaking out of the hospital to buy Haribo at the nearest petrol station.

Overjoyed! - We get a new dog!

I didn't write about it in the blog/newsletter at the time mainly just because it was too upsetting, but our black labrador Maggie died a few months ago after a mercifully short illness. She'd been a part of our lives for thirteen years and was the only dog I'd ever really liked. We were all naturally, devastated.

But then a little hairy ray of sunshine entered our lives - Framboise! Initially we were only meant to be looking after her for a few weeks but she ended up staying! She's a Teckel (a bit like a rough haired Daschund) and is the perfect addition to the DM team.

Lots of love,




September 15, 2016 by merrick angle
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