Back to Skool pt. 2

Howdy chums!

How's things?

Well, are you ready for round two of my summer catch up? Last time we had adventures in kidney infections and Framboise, the new DM dog. Buckle up for more news nuggets...

Celebratory! - I went to a wedding.

Swallowing my recent disgust/contempt I have for my post Brexit homeland. I travelled back to England to see my old chum Rowena get married to a very nice chap called Alex. It was a lovely sunny day in the quaint Sussex town of Lewes. Not normally a wedding person (I prefer funerals - At least you know the outcome), I was surprised by how much of a grand old time I had. There was some great entertainment, lots of interesting people to talk to, and the whole thing had that elusive relaxed feeling that so many people aim for, but hardly anyone manages to achieve.

Industrious! - I started a new cartoon.

Wanting to do something a bit more humour based, I started a little one panel cartoon called Near Future. It was partly inspired by spending a couple of days in the hipster spawning ground of Hackney and my love of how the future used to look. We don't have the future anymore. Instead we have swapped rocket ships for mobile phones that can call taxis, alien life forms for overpriced organic sour dough bread.

You can find it over on my instagram.


Interesting? - Links

Crazy Ex Girlfriend - Have been LOVING this. The perfect mix of self aware romcom and pithy musical. The story of a delusional lawyer's attempts to win back her first boyfriend. Featuring some snappy dialogue and hilarious songs like 'Heavy Boobs' and 'The Sexy Getting Ready Song'.

Online Theramin simulator - rinse the scuzz, up the delay, make some touch screen noise, motherlovers.

Nikola Đurić 'The Raven' - Went down a internet rabbit hole t'other night and discovered the world of Yugoslav Blackwave cinema from the 60s & 70s. Subversive and underground, some of it dull, other bits poetic. 


Lots of love,


October 04, 2016 by merrick angle
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