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Thrilling! - Aggressive Amateur Woodworking

For the past week I have been all alone, muttering to myself and building hopefully what constitutes my daughter’s loft bed of her dreams. I am no skilled carpenter but I do have, to borrow the parlance of Cockney detective programmes, a bit of ‘previous' in this area with the Fred Flinstone bed, and I approached this problem in what seems to be the solution of every twenty first century problem - a bit of research, a Youtube video or two, a borrowed power tool et voila!



Bad Jack Fashion Traitor 

I am not one to pick over old wounds, and I have covered in previous emails my supposed idiosyncratic style of dress. I also mentioned the stick I come in for from my two brothers for my clothes, their merciless teasing and taunting. That was cruel but I weathered it. So imagine my surprise when I discover my youngest brother, Jack sporting both a yellow rainmac and a Breton top - both staples of the Double Merrick wardrobe. 

Galling to say the least.


Interesting? - Links

For Exposure - A Twitter account dedicated to exposing the all to frequent (and often hilarious) requests for creative professionals to work for free. Or for 'exposure' or some shit. As I once said to somebody who made a similar offer to me "My children don't eat exposure".

Masonic Temple - A subterranean Masonic temple has been discovered underneath the old library in Limoges (not that far from the Double Merrick studio). Spooky...

Atlanta - Bit of a surprise hit with me. I never really got Donald Glover's appeal, but he has turned out this thoughtful FX comedy. Set on the Atlanta streets, it enters on rapper Paperboy and his cousin, as they try to stay afloat and make it in the rap game. It veers between social commentary and wilful surrealism, but what really stayed with me is some of the lovely understated performances.


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November 01, 2016 by merrick angle
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