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This is the newsletter where I recommend things. Be it music, film, TV, whatever really. The only criteria is that it sticks in the mind and is worth recommending to you discerning people.

Patricia Lockwood - ‘Malfunctioning Sex Robot’ in The London Review of Books.

A bit of an Alice recommendation. John Updike epitomises everything I dislike about a type of male, highbrow writer. “I was hired as an assassin. You don’t bring in a 37-year-old woman to review John Updike in the year of our Lord 2019 unless you’re hoping to see blood on the ceiling”.This is an absolute masterclass in critical takedown. A hatchet job possibly, but one performed by a ninja.


Kitchen Sisters Podcast - The Brothers Burns

Ken Burns is a legend of documentary filmmaking. His brother Ric, a well regarded filmmaker in his own right. But it isn’t the work that is front and centre here, it was the description of their childhood, their mother’s early death from breast cancer, and the brother’s subsequent relationship. Very poignant.

British Telly.

Self explanatory this one. After a summer of pissing about with my father in law up a ladder, I finally called in the professionals and got them to sort out the satellite dish. It. Is. A. Revelation. The whole family is bewitched by Escape to the Chateau and similar dross. Roll on winter! 

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