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Hola Chicos/chicas,

How are you diddling? Well, we are still here, despite January feeling like it was going to last for bloody EVER! Shitey weather and Brexit may encourage dark thoughts, but I say hold on to the good feelings - There is some really enjoyable telly on at the moment. 

Spinning Out
A drama about mental illness and ice skating. Just say those words again. Mental illness and ice skating. Slower. Really savour the words… Yep, this is everything you want it to be. Camp, highly strung and a touch soapy. It’s all ripped sequinned leotards and medication being thrown into the toilet. It wants to be Black Swan, but comes off more like a winter sports Hollyoaks. A MUST!

The Other Side
A bit more highbrow this one, and not for everyone. A feature length documentary that feels like an arthouse drama focussing in on groups on the fringes of society in Louisiana. A community of drug addicts and survivalist militia, respectively. It contains some of the most shocking and moving scenes I have ever seen in a film, but what really comes across is the pathos and lack of judgement that the film has for it’s subjects. Beautiful, grisly and most of all humane.

Shagged, Married, Annoyed. 
Just before Christmas my mother in law recommended this podcast to me, “It’s northerners talking about sex and poo, you will love it” she said dismissively. Do you know what? She was not wrong! It’s comedian Chris Ramsey and his wife Rosie talking about their respective weeks, their relationship, and listeners stories. It essentially boils down to two very funny Geordies taking the piss out of each other in a warm hearted way. I absolutely fell in love with it.

Keep on keeping’ on.

DM x
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