DM Recommends for April

DM Recommends - April 2021

Hola mes amis! 

How the devil are you? Well, it’s cold cold cold here. It’s nearly May and I am still playing roulette with the central heating. Here’s a few recommendations to liven up the dullest corners of a dull Spring.

Worn Stories
This is a total tonic. A documentary series telling different peoples relationship to certain garments, and how it shaped them or deeply influenced them. It fizzes with joy and celebration. Anything, and I mean anything that tells the story of Tina Turner’s saxophonist’s leather jockstrap MUST BE SEEN.

Shadow and Bone
Another prestige TV offering. Pitched somewhere between a slightly racier His Dark Materials and a Game of Thrones you’d watch with your mum (that said I’d watch anything with my mum, because she is normally so sloshed on her Gin Fizzes she doesn’t have a clue what’s she watching). This sets up a convincingly detailed world which is a little bit 19th century Scandi, a little bit Russian. The costumes are excellent, the production design is on point. There are sexy bastard dark magicians and jokes abouts goats on armoured trains. Get in!

A Big Black Bear Relaxes in a Hot Tub
Despite the NSFW title this is charmingly SFW

DM x

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