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Mes Vieux Chinas!

How are you diddling? I hope you, like me are in the perpetual state of Christmas induced panic. Where icy fear grabs you by the testes (other genitalia is available) at random moments, when you remember someone you may or may not have forgotten to get a Christmas present for... I am convinced that it's a form of mild capitalism induced PTSD. So let me ease your panic with my DM recommendations for December.

Better Things
I am not usually a fan of the 'Vignettes loosely based on my own life' form of comedy telly that seemed to be bloody everywhere a couple of years ago. They always so unfocused, neither very dramatic, nor very funny. But Pamela Adlon's depiction of single parenting to three girls may be the exception. It's note perfect depiction of the cross currents of child rearing took our breath away (one argument between two of the kids led us to believe that Adlon may have bugged our house). Quiet genius.

Bjork describing how her TV works
Clem has taken to wearing her hair in two buns, I described it as 'very Bjork'. This led to an explanation of who exactly Bjork was, and naturally enough led us to Youtube and this hilarious video from the 90s of Bjork describing how her telly works. It simultaneously cracked me up and made sad that she doesn't make great pop music anymore. 

Ida (2014)
Part of my 'DVDs from the library' odyssey where I go all random factor in libraries across SW France. I can end up watching some right old shite, but this is a gem, a pearl, a real masterpiece. It's a Polish film set in the 1950s, where Ida a novice nun is set to take her vows. She discovers that she is Jewish and has an aunt whom she has never met. The two go on a road trip to find out what happened to her parents. 'I think I know where this is going' I hear you say. But you'd only be partially right. While I won't be busting this one out for Christmas day with the family. It's an engrossing film about faith, loss, and happens to be one of the most beautiful films I have ever seen in my life.

Sigfried Translator - 'Twin Peaks Inspired Set'
Twin Peaks changed my life. Seeing David Lynch's work in my mid teens burnt my retinas like viewing a solar eclipse without sunglasses. Nobody else has ever come close to summing up life in small towns - the mystery, the simmering violence. So when my new friend Ed said he was Djing at a Twin Peaks festival, I demanded that he send me a recording, and it is ace! An absolutely cock on invocation of the spirit of Lynch.

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