DM Recommends for December

DM Recommends - December 2020

Hola mes amis! 

I hope Xmas prep isn’t getting you down. Here are my recommendations if you have a nano second to yourself between now and January:

Daphne du Maurier by Margret Forster
Prompted by the Netflix remake of Rebecca (lunk headed Armie Hammer bumping into scenery, impeccable hatchet face from Kristen Scott Thomas, the main character was far too pretty and nothing really made sense), I am rereading this excellent biography. Du Maurier has always suffered from literary sexism - perpetually seen as a lady Stephen King, when if she had been a man she’d be another ruddy Poe. Anyway, DdM was a strange one, complex and mysterious as one of her own creations. Well worth spending time with.

Let Go by Sharon Van Etten
I’ve always been divided by Van Etten. On one hand there’s her undoubted mood and lovely fringy good looks, the other hand lyrics about taking poos in ex boyfriend’s toilets and her involvement in that Netflix scifi drama, which in itself was a bit like a poo that wouldn’t flush. Anyway, this came along and I fell hard. A gorgeous, elusive song of half smiles and ‘foreign light in the afternoon’. Will provide the antidote to any number of Christmas songs.

This poem - ‘A Letter of Recommendation’ by Yehuda Amichai

DM x

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