DM Recommends for February

DM Recommends - February 2021

Hola mes amis! 

Sun is out. Winter might not be going of about seven years a la Game of Thrones. I hope you are topping up your Vitamin D levels wherever you are...

Beasts of the Southern Wild (2012)
It’s a few years old this one (nine!) but it’s been on the old ’to watch’ list forever. The horrendous event as seen through the eyes of a child is a well worn trope by now, but I have never seen it done quite like this. It focuses on six year old Hushpuppy and her fellow bayou dwellers as they cope with a Katrina like flood. It’s fantastical, but never twee. Gritty, but retains a demented lust for life. A good watch with slightly older children - Plus we had a fascinating bonus debate on whether or not the film could still be made today (white director/writer and black principle characters).

Deborah Levy - The Cost of Living
A small, at times poetic memoir of the aftermath of author’s divorce. It sets out to describe one of those times in life when you are ‘actively swimming away from the lifeboats’, tectonic plates have shifted and you are just doing what you can to survive. Levy’s wit and quiet resolve shines through making this a weirdly hopeful book.

Ferdinand Mount - Kiss Myself Goodbye
A gift from a friend who said ‘I read the review and I instantly thought of you’ - this is a delightfully bonkers book. It charts Mount’s efforts to uncover who exactly his favourite aunt was. Some of the twists and turns are absolutely gobsmacking. The pace never lets up, not even for a moment as he uncovers this mysterious woman’s journey through the class ridden England of the 20th century.

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