DM Recommends for January

DM Recommends - January 2021

Hola mes amis! 

It feels like we are wading through the dreary dregs of the winter at the moment, so here’s a few recommendations to keep you chipper.

Action Man - Middle Aged Adventurer
A recent find, but this IG account brings me much joy. It follows the trials and tribulations of a slightly over the hill Action Man. There are some lovely nods to the modern world (falling asleep drunk with the Argos catalogue, freaking out during lockdown). The attention to detail is staggering.

Toon on Netflix
No, not a cartoon. Toon is a socially awkward young Dutch fella who by a series of outlandish event ends up a viral pop sensation. It’s well acted, knockabout fun, but where the series excels is in the depiction of excruciating situations - work meetings with idiots, a know-it-all who comes to fit the dishwasher, a surprise birthday party where nobody knows you. Unlike something like The Office, the laughs are never at someone’s expense. 

Rivals by Jilly Cooper
The general deteriorating quality of podcasts in this pandemic (whinging comedians, stilted zoom interviews, no chemistry because people aren’t in the same room anymore, news doom casts) has seen me running back to comforting audiobooks, and this is the mothership. Set in the 1980s rural England, this is Cooper’s zenith - a tale of warring television consortiums, it’s all v pre digital age and v pre #metoo. Everyone is always quaffing whisky and champagne and ‘drenched’ in Fracas, it’s choc full of wonderful period details (ginger suede headboards, women with spiky hair). It’s on Audible but I recommend searching out the version I have complete with woeful ‘oirish’ accents and a weird title for the American market (Players, anyone?).

DM x

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