DM Recommends for March

DM Recommends - March 2021

Hola mes amis! 

This months recommendation are as follows:

Sentimental in the City
Everyone seemed to have a project in lockdown - Ours was to rewatch Sex and the City in its entirety. So when I read about this podcast miniseries it seemed timely. Basically, friends and authors, Dolly Alderton and Caroline O’ Donoghue get together and analyse a series of SATC per episode. The results? Hilarious. My sister in law described this series as ‘an elixir of life’ and she was not wrong. Two very witty (and at times, half cut) women duke it out over their pet theories such as - Is there homoerotic tension between Aiden and Big? The granite kitchen of loneliness, and Carrie’s greatest clangers. Essential listening.

The Girls I’ve Been by Tess Sharpe
This was recommended to me by my daughter. It’s a YA novel about what happens to a bank heist when one of the hostages is a teenage con woman, who has been trained from birth by her own con woman mother. It’s a pacey thriller that rips along, but what stood out to me was the flashbacks, where the heroine describes her apprenticeship and roles she had been forced to play over the years. 

About Time by Penelope Mortimer
Mortimer was a ‘one’ - Novelist, agony aunt, mother, housewife, adulteress, and biographer. So it’s fitting that the first volume of her autobiography leaves no-one unmaimed. Literally everybody is pushed under the metaphorical bus. This volume covers her life from 1918-1939. It’s all mismatched parents and interwar gloom, rendered in Mortimer’s incisive, commanding voice. Brilliant!

DM x

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