DM Recommends for November

DM Recommends - November 2020

Hola mes amis! 

I hope the second lockdown is treating you well. Here are a few things I have been enjoying in Le confinement:-

Grand Army on Netflix
Set in a Brooklyn high school, GA follows the lives of five students in the few weeks following a nearby bombing. Occasionally it is a tough watch, but it is helped along by a fantastic young cast who turn in really nuanced performances (Odley Jean as the impoverished, embattled Dom is a particular stand out). If you think Degrassi High remade by David Fincher and you are somewhere close. Tense, nervy, but it never sells it’s characters or subject matter short.

Edie by Jean Stein
Edie Sedgwick was best known as a socialite and muse of one Andrew Worhola. If you are expecting a biography crammed with tin foil, amphetamines, and soup cans then there is a fair bit of that. What I found compelling was the story of her early life and her gruesome family. The whole thing is expertly paced and draws you in bit by bit towards Edie’s inevitable, tragic death.

Linoleum Knife
If you are serious about films and you like a good podcast, I would like to point you in the direction of Linoleum Knife. Two LA based film critics who happen to be a married couple, Dave and Alonso, chat about the films they have seen that week. Often obscure and not for everyone, but if you like to imagine sitting at a kitchen table as a pair of bears argue about baked goods, then you may well be in heaven.

DM x

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