Dog Days


How's things with you?

We're going through something of a heat wave here, or the 'Canicule' as they are called in French (originally from the Latin 'dog days'). Everything has a strange holidayesque sheen to it, made odder by the fact that everyone still has to go to work and schools won't break up for another three weeks. 
Fishing for crayfish.
Baby Hugo getting buried in the gravel.
The old lavarie (place for washing clothes) in Uzerche.
So hot even the horses have to sit down.
Angry looking taxidermy fox.
Things Flora does when there is no telly.
Interesting? - Links and recommendations 

Barbie collector I was struck by the random memory of an article I read twenty years ago, in the library at school. It was about a an Israeli gentleman who was one of the world's leading Barbie collectors. He had one eye, an eye patch and claimed that he would 'kill a man' to get his hands on the first black Barbie. Anyway, I happened upon this article as I searched for news of this loveable, yet elusive scamp.

How the Babadook became a gay icon - This made me laugh mainly for the reasons given ('he likes closets' 'he enjoys wearing hats')!


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September 20, 2017 by merrick angle
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