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One of the pleasures (or trials, depending on how you look at it) of living in a foreign country is the sense that you never have quite worked it out. Something always surprises you, and when that surprise has some sort of pagan/Wicker Manesque overtones, I am a very happy man. In our old village, it was the weird scarecrow festival in the next hamlet. But in Treignac it's the Fete de St Jean. Everyone gathers in a square to have a drink and to listen to euro metal, while young children are given flaming torches, and encouraged to throw them at a pyre.

Health and safety? You ask. That comes in the form of the local firemen, who you guessed it, are having a beer.

Anyway, I had a great time and managed to to convince the kids that it was celebrating Jeanne D'arc rather than Jean la Baptiste, and that I was to  be joining the band onstage for a rousing cover Leonard Cohen's 'Joan of Arc' when they lit the bonfire.

They. Believed. Every. Word. 
Joan of Arc
Remember when we went to Yorkshire for my birthday? Well here's a little film I made of our adventures. Lots of beaches, fish and chips and my youngest brother, Jack doing a charming, mincing little leap over some water...
Runswick bay 2018
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Who Shot Ya? The world of film criticism can at times be a very white, male thing. So when a podcast comes along with a focus on the diverse, it really is a breath of fresh air. If it sounds worthy, it isn't. It is done with so much warmth, verve, and charm it should be illegal.


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