Getting newsy wit’ it - Double Merrick recommends for February

DM Recommends - February 2022

Hola Chums!

Well the world seems like a big old toilet right now. Just when Omicron might be easing off, along comes plasticine faced Russian homoerotic pin up Vlad Putin, cueing the whole shebang up for WW3. I don’t have any solutions for you, but what I do have is some bloody good recommendations that might ease some of the doomy feelings.

If you enjoyed the machine gun surrealism of 30 Rock and Kimmy Schmidt, chances are you’ll love this tale of a recently reformed 90s girl band, trying to claw it back to the top despite public indifference, their age, and vastly different music industry. Pleasantly bonkers.

The Sound of Metal 
Riz Ahmed stars in this intense indie flick as a recovering addict drummer Reuben, performing in an avant metal band with his girlfriend (Olivia Cooke), they live on their tour bus in a hardscrabble yet rewarding fashion. Everything goes tits up when Reuben permanently loses his hearing. With surprisingly little music and relying mostly on ambient sound, the film is a humane portrait of a man whose life is irreparably changed and the decisions he has to make to survive. 

To my tired old eyes the internet seems to made up of equal parts fighting, race hate, and cat videos. I didn’t think any of those were of interest to me until Clem showed me Owlkitty. Owlkitty’s owners insert her into parodies of famous movie trailers. They are hilarious, but the true genius is in how well they are done - The execution is flawless.

DM x

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