Gorilla Nips! - Double Merrick recommends for January

DM Recommends - January 2022

Hola Chums!

How do ye do? I hope you are well and January has not been too harsh. Omnicron and general world awfulness has meant that January has seemed to drag even more than usual, I have taken the easy way out and buried myself in the books I got for Christmas, but here are a few things that might relieve the gloom a bit.

Bonus Family on Netflix
Netflix resuscitating dead or dormant TV shows has been a mixed bag. All too often it feels a bit like last night's leftovers reheated in the microwave (I’m looking at you Gilmore Girls). But this fourth series of the Swedish family drama was easily the best yet. For the uninitiated, Bonus Family is a gently paced, slightly soapy drama where not much really happens but the characters are absolutely cock on - Nobody is a goodie, nobody is a baddie. It’s just a lot of recognisably tired looking people reminding each other to pick their kids up from school. It manages to sum up a lot of midlife concerns (kids, ageing parents) in non cloying, uncliched way.

Razorblade Tears by S.A. Cosby
I love a hard boiled crime novel and a good revenge thriller always hits the spot, but rarely do they come as nuanced and heartfelt as ‘Razorblade Tears’. It’s a story of an unlikely partnership of two men seeking revenge for their murdered sons. One, a black ex con gone straight, the other a hillbilly criminal. They are uncomfortable with each other, and even more uncomfortable with their sons being a gay couple. It’s a fantastic portrayal of regret, racial tension, homophobia, and violence. 

Koko the gorilla's nipple fetish 
I stumbled on this while researching something else (honest!). Remember Koko, the gorilla who learnt sign language and had a pet kitten? Well, apparently she had a thing about seeing people’s nipples, including Robin Williams. Weird.

DM x

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