Guess Who's Back?

  • By merrick angle
What's that scratching at the door?

A shadowy figure, perhaps a vagrant? Or a tired gypsy offering to sharpen your knives?

He comes closer, his gait is familiar and up close his face seems to be some sort of a disguise. 

Could it be? But, but I thought you were dead!

Double Merrick, is it you????

It is I! Returning from my untimely death like Sherlock Holmes after falling over the Reichennach falls. 

I had to do it to protect you.  

From what? You cry. 

From nine months of really boring newsletters about me renovating a house. 

Look, to soften the blow here are some nice pictures (of the nearly) finished house... 

The new house, known locally as 'Le Temple' as it was a Protestant church until the early 1950s.
You can see some of the beams here in the shower room, oh and a camp-as-Christmas laundry hamper.
Some of the ground floor windows that scream 'I USED TO BE A CHURCH Y'KNOW".
One of two really big old doors, and the grey colour its going to be painted.
Yep, still decorating...
Interesting? - Links and recommendations 

I Came, I Saw by Norman Lewis
Normally when my father in law lends me a book. It's some brick concerning a civil war general that I will never get through, whereas this was an absolute delight. It's the famed travel writer's memoir of growing up in the twenties and thirties, complete with mental Welsh relatives and Spiritualist parents. Some of the best writing I have read in aeons.

Killing Eve
While this series garnered a great deal of praise and attention, overall I found the tone a bit uneven and a bit misjudged. That said, Jodie Comer's performance as the assassin was SENSATIONAL, and the music was unbelievably good. Referencing 60s girl groups, minimal techno, and espionage soundtracks of yore. Absolutely. Amazing. So that's why I am recommend the soundtrack, rather than the series,

London Spy
Still on a bit of a spy tangent. We've been catching up on this little gem, that we missed the first time round. Anyone even passingly familiar with the words 'homosexual' and 'English spy' knows the drill:- Afternoon tea at Cambridge, your lecturer taps you and the shoulder and next thing you know you are shagging secrets out of pretty Russian boys. That's why this is such a welcome break from cliché. A genuinely gritty, discombobulated viewing experience that has emotional heft thanks to Ben Wishhaw as the young man unwittingly pulled into a nasty spy soup. 

Lots of love,

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