He stole my mummy's love, but I still like his lampshades

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Mes Amis!

How is Lockdown 2: The Lockening treating you?

Luckily we managed to get a little mini break in before Manu announced the second lockdown. We went to Pau and then met up with some friends for pre Halloween hijinks. I made a little film about it all:
Pau 2020

He Stole My Mummy's Love But I Still Like His Lampshades...

Siblings can be a great source of joy, support, and annoyance. Sometimes all at the same time. My younger brother, Ewan annoys me by being both extremely modest and extremely talented. I mean literally at anything he turns his hand to. I mean anything. So when he says he is 'trying to make a few lampshades' I know they are going to be good. He has recently graduated to his own online shop PTN. All of the lampshades are handmade from original mid century fabrics. Well worth a peek if you need something for the design obsessive in your life.

Lots of love,


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