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Well, it's official - we are on the move! The Swiss family Angle are going be residing in the pretty town of Treignac. It's about half an hour away, closer to work and secondary schools. But wait until you see the place we are buying, honestly 'shitpile' doesn't do it justice. That said, it is a step up from the last place I renovated - That one had half a dozen dead birds and a carnival next door blasting 'Blurred Lines' at Guantanamo volumes.
See what I mean??
Interesting? - Links and recommendations 

You're The Worst - I have been really enjoying this sitcom about a tentative love affair between two reprehensible LA types (Him - A self involved English writer. Her - Mentally unstable publicist). Often too much of American entertainment requires protagonists to be likeable. This has completely unlikeable characters at it heart and still manages  to have real emotional weight to it.

Chromatic Typewriter - A typewriter that types with colours instead of letters. Absolutely stunning.

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September 20, 2017 by merrick angle
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