Mambo Italiano!

  • By merrick angle
Holà chums,

How are you diddling? Well August has taken on it’s traditional form - Hotter than Hades, bored kids lolling around the house, visitors staying, and your hero getting absolutely sod all done. But this year I have decided to just give in to the heat, the torpor, and the near constant demands for snacks and just roll with it. So, I have been wearing shorts all the time and saying ‘Sure!’ A lot.

"Can I have something to eat?"

"Can we have an ice cream?"

"Why is the earth round?"

You won't hear me complain though, as Double Alice won us a holiday to Sicily. We spent a week near Palermo in a funny little resort, in what could only be described as the BBC's Eldorado meets The Prisoner.
Eldorado - Episode 1
The Prisoner opening sequence
Sicily 2018
Interesting? - Links and recommendations 

Don DeLillo - White Noise
With the heatwave the kids never seem to go to bed, consequently I haven’t seen much grown up Tv or films of late. But I have been really enjoying ‘White Noise’. I usually loathe anything by white middle aged academics. It’s all failing virility and long dark nights of the soul or ‘why I left my wife for a much younger woman - A 300 page excuse’. So I was pleasantly surprised when this book turned out to be more like a family comedy that’s a bit surreal round the edges. Sure, death gets a mention in every page but what’s the alternative? Hate read Martin Amis for the tenth time?

The Organ Below The Earth
I stumbled across this beauty - A man who took 3.5 acres of cave and turned it into the world's largest musical instrument. Mesmerising.


Lots of love,

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