Mocktails and Metallica

  • By merrick angle

How's things with you?

What are you doing on Monday night?” James K asked me

“No plans, why?”

“I have a spare ticket for Metallica at the NEC if you fancy it”

“Can I wear my corduroy jacket without being stabbed?” I asked

“Of course”

“Then I’m in” 

And that’s how I found myself swigging energy drinks, surrounded by pasty bald metal fans. I’m no fan of Metallica, and neither is James (I think he just wanted to see an impressive live show). But I am a fan of doing unusual things and after a light Mexican meal, featuring a BOGOF on gingery mocktails (Mocktails and Metallica, does life get any better, I ask myself?), I felt I was really living!

I enjoy a bit of metal from time to time, but it has to be campy. Remove the humour from metal and you end up with the kind of po faced sludge that Metallica peddle. Four late middle aged guys in the identical uniform of tight black t-shirt and black jeans (which seems to be the wrap dress of metal - flattering, understated, favoured by the middle aged) playing what seemed to be the same song again and again, only at a slightly different speed. But that said, what really shined was the handsomely mounted stage show - playing in the round, pyrotechnics, drones, and these amazing video cubes that zipped up and down wires. One second acting as a stage light, the next showing footage of WW1 soldiers, or something.

All in all, a fun time was had. James got to see flames and some fast drumming and it was nice to do something a bit different, and like the truly middle aged, WE LEFT EARLY TO BEAT THE TRAFFIC!
The mighty glowing boxes of metal.
Hitting the energy drinks hard.
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Meet me in the Bathroom - Lizzy Goodman’s oral history of the NY music scene 2001 - 2011 mightn’t be everyone’s cup o tea, but it acted as a welcome diversion for a week on the building site. Surprisingly, some of the best bits were the observations on Brooklyn as a lifestyle brand that has been sold through the world.

Growing a Bear by Hannah Gamble - LOVE this poem.

Lots of love,

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