New Year, no fear.


How's things?

Well a happy new year to you. After being buried in a deluge of year end round ups, (you know the sort of thing - '2016: The worst year that ever happened to all the people in the world ever') it would be easy to start the year on a downer. Yes, widespread idiocy and self interest had their way last year. Yes, vulgarity gained a lot of ground. But you know what? We're still here and we can still do something about it. So I prepose this motto for 2017:

'2017 - Let's not let the bad guys win'

Soft focus - 40's glamour realness

I set myself a bit of a project over Christmas. I have to confess I know very little about lighting, so I decided to push myself by researching 1940s studio portrait photography and try and replicate the techniques. This resulted in a rather Heath Robinson arrangement in the attic involving cables, wool blankets, and tin foil - so much tin foil!


Interesting? - Links

The Thirty Greatest Paris Review Covers - Pretty, retro stuff. Easy on the eyes.

Sainsbury's old own label packaging - This was the posh supermarket when I was growing up and their own label range was a fine example of popular, accessible minimalism.

House of David - It sounds like a fashion business but is in fact the bizarre tale of a fun loving, celibate commune in Michigan.

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January 12, 2017 by merrick angle
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