DM Recommends - October 2021

Hello my friends!

Well this is it - The end of October is here. A time of the year that is definitely more about surviving than thriving. So before those pesky farmers steal more daylight, here are my recommendations:

The Boys - Available on Amazon Prime
I used to quite like superheroes when they were all camp and a bit silly, but somewhere along the way men in tights morphed into three hour long borefests, essentially Greek myths for the very basic. So imagine my utter my delight when I came across ’The Boys’ in the local library. It’s the very anti Marvel I had been looking for - It posits a world where superheroes (or ’supes’) are corporatised hybrids of overpaid actors and sleazy athletes and the ragtag bunch of losers who are trying to bring them down. Utterly irreverent, violent, and most importantly, genuinely surprising. This is the TV show for you, if you have ever wanted to see a horny, kidnapped dolphin crash in slow motion through a van windscreen to the strains of Spice Girls’ ‘Wanabee’.

People Selling Mirrors
Twitter has rightfully earned a reputation of something like a Breugelian hellscape, where peasants covered in excrement scream at each other from the mire. But there are bright spots. One such bright spot is the surreal, almost poetic ‘People Selling Mirrors’, which is exactly what it says it is - Photos of people trying to get out of the way as they photograph their looking glass available for 15 quid on Gumtree. My favourite - The woman covering her face with a cushion.

Ohtis - Schatze
I don’t know very much about the band, but this stomper is named after my favourite German endearment (literally ’treasure’). It's a duet that puts one in mind of Johnny Cash and June Carter singing by a speedway track. There are some memorable lines ‘I’m a piece of shit, I just think I’ll get away with it’ and ‘Then you got cancelled on Instagram’, which always makes me chuckle. This weirdly fits the late October mood.

DM x

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