Plasticine Jewel Thieves

DM Recommends - June 2021

Hola friends! 

How are you diddling? Here's a few things we've been enjoying around the homestead....

Bo Burnham - 'White Woman's Instagram'
BB's special 'Inside' attracted a lot of praise this month and while it did manage to capture something of the pandemic experience (panic, lethargy, existential bitch slaps from out of nowhere) in a very inventive way. The whole thing was about half an hour too long. But the absolute pearl of this special was the song ‘White Woman’s Instagram’ - a brutally on the nose commentary on performative social media. I still can’t get it out of my head.

Cool Playlist 
Comedian Eliza Skinner helms this odd little podcast. It’s a simple concept, the host and guest create a playlist for a theoretical life event, yet the results are unpredictable. Events range from the poignant - ‘Single At Your Sister's Wedding'. To the bizarre 'When A Hot Plumber Comes By And You 'Accidentally' Leave A Bluetooth Speaker In The Bathroom'. Funny and compulsive.

Lupin on Netflix
A big hit in its native France, this drama superimposes the tales of the 19th century jewel thief onto modern day Paris. Telling the story of a young Sénégalais whose father was falsely accused of theft by his affluent employers. The whole thing is daft and  leans a bit too hard on Sherlock, but it rips along and is enormous fun. The charm of the lead, Omar Sy is undeniable - his face seems to be made of very charismatic plasticine.

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