She Wolf in my Closet


How's things?

It's Flora's birthday today and this weekend saw us fire up the charabanc to the Loups de Chabrieres wolf park. Flora is obsessed with wolves, so it really was the perfect birthday treat....

We're off to see some wolves!

Clem finds a small goat that perfectly matches her coat.

A tired looking mummy goat having a rest.

Miniature Vietnamese pigs!

Just in case you forgot were in France, here is a sign explaining the sexual undercurrents in Red Riding Hood.

Flora getting indignant about the gift shop prices.

The birthday girl.


Interesting? - Links and recommendations 

Home - If you are similar age to me (pre millennial, non digital native, remember rotary phones and keytars yada yada) you remember what absolute shite Saturday morning tie in cartoons could be. Mostly they were extended adverts for whatever crap Mattell was shilling. So when the girls started watching the cartoon of 'Home'. My expectations were low as the original Dreamworks film was pretty weak to start with. But blow me if it isn't great. Great big slices of surreal nonsense, where aliens coexist with humans in Chicago. My favourite scene so far is the secret nightclub where aliens go to dine on kitty litter!

The History of Food in One Hundred Recipes by William Sitwell
So, so readable. Sitwell charts the evolution of British cuisine and it's myriad influences, from the origins of Egyptian bread through to Tudor dining, right up to the 20th century obsession with French and Italian cuisine. I'm not one of those 'I keep cook books on my bedside' types by any means, but this kept me enthralled.


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February 14, 2017 by merrick angle
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