Silver daggers, greengages and sweet, sweet Swedes

DM Recommends - May 2021

Hola mes amis! 

How do ye do? Still cold, still wet? Yup, us too. So if you are stuck inside during this phoney summer, these recommendations might be useful for you....

Bonus Family on Netflix
The kids made me watch this as I missed it the first time round. It’s essentially a gently paced family drama about the intertwined lives of a ‘Bonus’ (or blended) family in Stockholm. Not much happens, and yet EVERYTHING happens. What it does so successfully is it captures the shifting currents of family life - With its ever rotating allegiances and sympathies. 

Greengage Summer By Rumer Godden
Despite the cold and near constant rain here, I was transported away by Rumer Godden’s book. It’s a tale of a lush, sensual summer in 1950s provincial France, as four young siblings are abandoned in a hotel in the Champagne region when their mother goes into hospital. As befits a coming of age story there are sinister overtones of the adult world, and quirk (The seven year old brother Wilmouse, a proto fashion designer who gives impromptu interviews to Vogue is something of a personal hero). It’s a gorgeous little jewel of a book.

Silver Dagger by Joan Baez
I have never been a fan of Ms Baez. I always found her a bit like the annoying head girl of the folk revival. Her powerful voice slightly grating. Yet, I found her version of this old, old song while looking for the Dolly Parton recording, and it is a BELTER. A great melody delivering the tale of thwarted lust and sin passed down the generations. 

DM x

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