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How's things?

We went skiing - Alice won a holiday for us to go skiing in The Pyrenees. It was a bit random as none of us are adept skiers (it always strikes me as an expensive way to break a leg), so we enlisted the help of my old friend Jamie, who is only marginally more experienced to come with us. We had a jolly time, taking in the scenery, enjoying odd mountain towns, eating food laden with melted cheese. 
The Milk Tray man had really let himself go.
Spanish snow.
Mysterious girl, I wanna get close to you.
Dudes sledging.
Strategic! - New A3 Print

Print comes in A3 (11.7 × 16.5 inches) size, and part of a signed, numbered edition. There will only be 100 hundred of these made.

As ever, the prints are made to the highest quality possible - professionally printed with archival quality inks on 220 gsm watercolour paper, and shipped in the sturdiest of cardboard tubes. 

60 euros.

Interesting? - Links and recommendations 

Shura - Nothing's Real This was the soundtrack to our mountain sightseeing. Ebullient R&B inflected retro pop from a bleach blonde girl from Manchester. 'What's it Gonna Be' could be on the soundtrack to The Breakfast Club. '2Shy' sounds like 'Diamonds & Pearls' era Prince (no bad thing in my book). Stick this on at the first sight of Spring sunshine.

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March 13, 2017 by merrick angle
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