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How's things with you?

Things here are a magical cocktail of REALLY busy and REALLY tedious. We are currently trying to sell our house which means constantly cleaning in a manner that suggests a demanding but poorly paid part time job. Tempers are frayed and even the once chipper Framboise is starting to rebel (see below)
"Framboise is not happy about having another viewing"

Also, this month sees my stint as a quasi drama teacher come to an end. I'd been helping out with a local kids drama club that Flora and Clem go to. The whole thing reminded me of a very low stakes episode of Ray Donovan, with me as the burly, unwilling Ray sorting out the problems of teary, midget starlets. Never. Again.

One highlight though was Flora's turn as The Boat:
Flora as The Boat
Last year Charlie Gladstone of Pedlars got in touch, he asked me if I had anything to put on Pedlars Marketplace. I did, and I have been selling stuff through them ever since. As it is the start of the Vide Grenier ('carboot sale' in foreign) season here, my shop is full of treasures, so feel free to have a little look and see if there are any bargains....
Interesting? - Links and recommendations 

The Globe Radio I'm not really a fan of the Kickstarterization/TEDtalkifying of everything on the internet. You have seen one inspirational webinar/revolutionary expresso maker/ergonomic keyboard you have seen them all. Occasionally though something sticks out - this time The Zooom Globe radio. I knew the site and the concept (click on the map, set the decade and listen to the sort thing that was on the radio then), and this is just the concept made 3D. Ace!

Download 200+ Artbooks for free from the Guggenheim This comes straight from mon petit frere, Ewan. Absolutely stunning.

Gerhard Steidl Carrying on with the theme of Art books and monographs, my friend Clive sent me this fascinating article about Gerhard Steidl. I like a driven, obsessive character, I didn't quite buy his 'Living close to my work stops me being a concentration camp guard' schtick, but hey ho...

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May 18, 2017 by merrick angle

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