The Update: The Puppening

  • By merrick angle
Holà chums,

Welcome to the DM family - Margot! This little ball of cuteness started life in a cardboard box with two other of her sisters. She’s a charming lucky dip of dog dna (currently mostly lab, but who knows?). Obviously the timing is a tad crazy - Everyone going back to work and school. But you can never underestimate the power of a good distraction. You hate your new teacher? Ooh, look what Margot is doing!!! Dad forgot to get your textbook? Just look at that crazy puppy!!!
And don't forget my number one girl - Framboise!
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What do you do when you find out your grandfather had a secret room? - You live tweet your investigations.

A Star is Born Trailer

Mumbly B Coops is a country picker doing the old pills and booze slide off the precipice, when he bumps into Gaga (Bloody Gaga!!!!), a woman the trailer assures us, is so ugly nobody would ever want to hear her sing. Together they create a montage of face grabbing so powerful, our lives may never be the same again.

I. Cannot. Wait.


Lots of love,

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