Tom Hanks Bought Me a Bathtub

  • By merrick angle

How's things with you?

I suspect everyone has a Thursday like mine. It might not be your actual Thursday, it might be your Saturday or your Monday, but either way it is probably the spiritual twin of my Thursday- A day that predictably spirals out of control, a list of errands that becomes an outright rat run that leaves you hassled and spent. It’s always a case of one job leading to another, and then the inevitable ‘Well, if I’m that side of town I should probably do X’. I was sitting there last Thursday, having a late lunch after surviving three DIY sheds and the tax office. My kebab was well earned. I checked my emails. What’s this? A mysterious enquiry from an Italian publishing house asking if they could license one of my images. Regular readers will know how much I love a random enquiry, and this one was no exception. ’Sure’ I say ’Send over a PDF mock up’, wondering what the book could be. My money was on a sub standard euro thriller, the type where a depressed cop will solve murders armed with only his dicky liver and his Scandi angst. 
I couldn’t have been more wrong. I saw my typewriter image from a few years ago and the name ‘Tom Hanks’. TOM HANKS!!! THE Tom Hanks???? Yup, turns out it’s the Italian edition of his debut collection of short stories all featuring typewriters. A quick trawl through Wikipedia does indeed reveal Tom’s affinity for typewriters

Fee agreed, deal done (Pro tip, kids: - Designers always do their best negotiations in seedy kebab shops). Later that day, I find an amazing bathtub in a junkyard cum brocante. It will go brilliantly in the new house and I shell out knowing full well that this one is on Mr Hanks.
Interesting? - Links and recommendations 

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Liquid MIDI looks amazing!

This poem.

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