Twilight of Summer

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DM Recommends - August 2021

Hola my fiends,

I hope this newsletter find you at your Dawson’s Creek/Don Henleyesque best - dressed in cut off denim, milking the twilight days of summer for all that they are worth. Here are some recommendations for when the Wayfarers come off...

The Kominsky Method
Talking of twilight, this comedy centers on Michael Douglas as Sandy Kominsky, an acting coach (who for all the world looks like a wax work of Kirk Douglas that somebody left in a ditch) and his best friend and agent, Norman (Alan Arkin, on lugubrious form) a recent widower. Much like Netflix’s other elder centric comedy, Grace and Frankie, it deals with what happens to vibrant people when they age and they struggle to redefine their place in the world. The star turn of course is Arkin, who delivers one liners like smart bombs one minute, and then can deliver a devastating performance of haunted grief the next.

Do You Need a Ride?
The pandemic on the whole has not been good to podcasts. A dearth of material and pervading sense of doom meant I had to have a massive cull of them, just to preserve my own morale. But now I find myself casting around for new ones. DYNAR is hosted by two comedians, Chris Fairbanks and Karen Kilgariff (whom you might know from her phenomenally successful true crime podcast, My Favourite Murder), who pick up a guest and give them a lift somewhere. The experience is exactly that of being given a lift to the airport by your funny friend - Informal, rambly, constant interruptions, and the threat of an accident.
If you like to read, part of the joy/arse ache (depending on how you look at it) is tracking down recommendations and ideas for new reads.  Recently I came across this site which compiles the book lists of notable types. Essential, if like me, you need to know what Lenny Kravitz thinks of Kafka.

DM x
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